About Us

Free Radicals developed as a thought experiment concerning the nature of publishing in the speculative fiction (and even nonfiction) magazine, journal, and zine market. Although Free Radicals won’t accept all submissions that come its way, it will try to help those writers struggling to find their voices and style. It will also offer a guiding hand when it comes to craft, all the while moving forward to become a serious competitor in the speculative writing (short-form) market. Free Radicals doesn’t see rejection mills and half-assed interactions with fledgling artists/writers as responsible members of the literary community, and we hope to change that. We are looking for speculative fiction that is character-driven, just as much as it is idea-driven. We are looking for speculative nonfiction that is interrogative and insightful.

We are looking for plots that are intriguing and avoid terrible clichés.

We are looking for speculative fiction and nonfiction that ask tough questions, following the initial “What if?” question that started it all.

We are looking for a better representation of those who have been left behind in mainstream speculative writing.

We are looking for speculative writings that keep us on the edge of our seats.

We are looking for an experience as well as something that is entertaining.

We are looking for the future of speculative writing.