I’ll admit this: I haven’t messed with InDesign much. I’ve always steered away from it, even though it is supposed to be an “industry standard.” Industry standards are notoriously opaque when it comes to trying to understand their idiosyncrasies and whatnot. InDesign is no different. However, I have that open source and even low-cost graphic design software hasn’t been up to the challenge when it comes to developing striking covers and clean design required for a magazine. So, during my fourteen-day COVID quarantine, I took the plunge and purchased InDesign and began teaching myself using a similar method seen among children who grew up in the country: Throw yourself into the water, so you will learn to swim. This particular methodology is fraught with its own problems, but it has pushed me outside of my comfort zone. I’ve learned a lot about typography, color, alignment, etc. This has been a wild experience thus far, and I hope to continue with it moving forward with Free Radicals. –GMR